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The future of home automation and multimedia?

Several years ago we started playing around with home theater personal computers “HTPC”. Early on it was very clear that nobody in the industry had it figured out but everyone was working of starting to figure it out. I remember starting out with an all in one Logitech remote that could be programmed to turn on my tv, home theater, and DVD player all by the push of a button.

With all the advancement in technology it is not possible to do all kinds of automation such as:

  • Control your devices from a tablet
  • Set the lighting in the room depending on what device you are using
  • Control an entire home audio system

Every month it seems like there is a new device coming out that is able to connect to your home WiFi and be controlled by a smart phone app. There really is no limit to what can be automated these days.

TechPad is contently doing research on new devices and seeing where this could take our business in the future. We are always willing to take the time to discuss with our clients the best approach for a new or existing home setup.

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