How can home automation improve my homes security when I’m home or away?

The stand for may years has been a standalone security system provided by your local security company. They even monitor it for you and call the police or fire department when your not there. There is nothing wrong with this service but there are many gaps that those systems cannot fulfill.

For instance what happens when you have a leak in your house? How about if your daughter just got home from school and forgot her key? What about going to bed at night and forgetting to lock and arm your security system? I know you might be saying well you pay for it you should remember to use it.

360-SecurityHere is where home automation that is integrated with your security systems can take care of all of this.

Lets talk about the leak in your basement first. A pipe bursts or the bladder in your water tank / hot water tank bursts and starts to fill up your utility room. Thankfully you have a leak detection sensor that was installed by your security company and you get notified that there is a leak in your house. Well that’s all well and good but you are on vacation or it takes an hour for you to get home so you scramble to gather your things and rush home. Or even worse your in Cancun and your relative is not home.

No worries your home automation system is integrated with your security system so it triggers the automated cold water valve that was installed on your main water line to shut off. Your water actually was shut off before you even got the call from your security company as it takes time to dial a phone number.

Well that’s just material things and as long as we have family that’s all we need right! Lets talk about family now and how your daughter is sitting on the step waiting for someone to get home and open the door.

You notice that you did not get a notification that the side door of your home was not unlocked several minutes after your daughter should have been home. You check the exterior camera your security company installed to find your daughter sitting on the step. Due to the fact you did not get a door unlock notification from your home automation system you quickly assume that she does not have her keys and unlock the door remotely from work.

Simple things like this can improve the quality of life for all members of your household.

Everything we do here at TechPad is to families stay connected with their home and feel safe.

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