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The Wonders of Home Automation

Home Automation is not a new thing. It has¬†been around since the 90’s but it has never been as commercialized as it is today and most people don’t dare to ask what it would cost to setup their home as many companies that specialize in home automation provide expensive solutions that the everyday person cannot afford.

With the recent advancement of wireless technology in the last 5 years, devices to control your home are getting smaller and provide more functionality then ever before. From supporting WIFI devices to new technologies like z-wave and zigbee RF devices.


Take the Vera Edge for example, this small device has the ability to control up to 200 devices in your home. It supports a wide range of devices such as light switches, receptacles, thermostats, motion sensors, ip camera and more.

This makes it a very versatile platform into a small package. The unit just plugs into your existing network and then by registering it with getvera.com you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Now the fact that this unit can support 2000+ different devices on the market it makes picking the right device for the job a little confusing. This is where we come in and consult with our clients to highlight the capabilities and identify what is the best equipment for the job.

There are many different companies that sell your DIY type home automation devices and it can be very confusing what you should buy.

Here at TechPad we have taken several years to learn and grow with this industry and have owned and tested pretty much every platform that is out there today. With a free consultation we can assess your needs and set you up with the right solution for today and your future needs.

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