Simple Affordable Home Automation and Multimedia Solutions


What do we do here at TechPad

Home Automation

We provide consultations around new and existing homes. Help customers understand home automation as well as do custom installs.


We provide security consultations as well as install integrated security and home automation solutions for new and existing homes.

Home Multimedia

We provide consultations around home multimedia solutions as well as provide custom installations for new and existing homes.

What is TechPad

Making home automation simple and affordable for everyone.

You can spend thousands of dollars implementing home automation solutions. Now days many cannot afford these elaborate complicated systems.

Thankfully there are cost effective solution that are robust for even the most advanced users. By using Z-Wave technology we open up you and your home to a world of possibilities with easy and secure technology.

Even the simplest home automation can make anyone's life more enjoyable.

For example by automating your home lighting you can automatically have you outdoor light turn on at dusk so no more coming home in the dark.

  • Doors Locks, Windows, Motion & Cameras

  • Lighting Indoor, Outdoor, Scenes, Timers

  • 24/7, Email, Text, Remote Access

  • Hot Water, Heating, Cooling & Pool Pumps


With our combined experience in the IT and Industrial fields we cover a wide range of skills. We are determined to find the right solution for our clients and continue to stay up to date with today's technology advancements.

Marc Beaulieu

Owner & Tech Specialist
After working many years in the IT industry I decided to take may knowledge and passion for technology and help others through TechPad.

Brad Crawford

Owner & Tech Specialist

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